bank st 1924

The Golf Court development is a conversion of the former Golf Hotel in Elie.

The Golf Hotel was a well regarded 3 star hotel which had 22 guest rooms. With its central location overlooking the Forth it was at the heart of Elie. It was a popular base for golfing parties and other visitors.

The car park area in front of the property was originally occupied by the Wood Memorial Church. In 1843 a Free Church was established on Bank Street in Elie. The church was subsequently renamed the Wood Memorial Church as a tribute to the Revd. Walter Wood who was Minister of the Free Church from 1845 to 1882. The church united with the Ely Parish Church in 1949 and the Wood Memorial Church was demolished a few years later.

During the 2nd World War a contingent of several hundred Polish men forming part of the the Polish Liberation Army was stationed in Elie. The Golf Hotel was taken over by the military and was the main billet. Additional temporary wooden accommodation was built on the golf course behind the hotel. The golf course was used as a landing strip for military aircraft during training exercises and also for practising parachute jumping (from a specially constructed wooden platform).